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    Bad datig that is online Singaporean women share their worst Tinder date tales

    Bad datig that is online Singaporean women share their worst Tinder date tales

    It is no key that dating apps like Tinder have actually made conference people that are new than in the past.

    But swipe that is every right because of the prospect of something to get really wrong-particularly because it’s not unusual to know in regards to a match produced in online dating heaven become an initial date from hell.

    Because going by these Tinder nightmare tales from all of these six Singaporean ladies, you can strike it well with some guy over text but end up in a really uncomfortable situation whenever fulfilling him IRL.


    He had been late for half one hour, and long story short, he finished up purchasing a tower of beer-which is crazy for 2 individuals on a weekday night.

    It all on my card because I had it on tab… and he didn’t offer to pay when it came to settling the bill, the bar staff charged.

    The bill arrived as much as significantly more than $200.

    He nevertheless had the gall you are me personally to get back to their destination after.

    He later wanted to spend their share for the bill once I asked the next early morning, nevertheless the procedure of having the cash back took significantly more than four weeks.

    Evidently, he previously problems with their banking account and what not, for him to pass me back in cash so we had to meet up again.

    Of course, we never ever had a date that is second.


    We really hit it well pretty much to start with.

    After a few beers, we began speaking about our previous relationships, that is quite normal, but thereafter he simply would not stop speaing frankly about their ex.

    I attempted to improve the niche once or twice but he somehow discover a way to carry on referring to her even though I happened to be obviously uninterested.

    It became clear which he was not over her and I also began experiencing actually embarrassing.

    I am unsure he did wrong; but when I didn’t reply his text the day after, he didn’t bother following up either if he knew what.


    He appeared like my kind, struggled to obtain Bing then burnt out and became a nomad that is digital.

    He previously a style that is hippy frizzy hair and really really really loves searching. Best benefit he had been literally 1km distance away from me therefore I had been super excited to meet up with.

    He additionally swiped appropriate, so we began chatting.

    I was invited by him to a coastline park for a sunset picnic – just just just how intimate, right?

    He has been living in a tent for one month on the beach so I went, and discovered.

    The coastline picnic ended up being just about exactly just how he consumed on a regular basis.

    We had interesting conversations about their journey, but needless to say as he provided to get hot and heavy in their tent, we stated KTHXBYE.

    Squeezing in to a tent? It really is a no in my situation.


    I came across this person at a bar.

    It had been a tragedy right from the start.

    He had been extremely rude and demanding to your host at our dining dining table, that was instantly a flag that is red.

    And kid had been he handsy.

    Him about the martial arts photo I saw on his profile, he proceeded to show me how he would block my attacker … by demonstrating it on me when I asked.

    Then, because the date progressed, he place their hand to my leg.

    And their supply around my arms.

    We kept wanting to carefully distance themself, but he did not seem to obtain the hint.

    Fundamentally, i simply stated I happened to be exhausted (fortunately it had been a workday) and wished to leave.

    Which is as he offered that we arrived at their house-which ended up being just over the road.

    Clearly he constantly had the intention of welcoming me personally back following the date.

    Bonus? I happened to be communicating with a pal about said bad date and as it happens, she sought out with him as soon as prior to asiandate!

    In which he made exactly the same progresses us – during the bar that is same!


    There clearly was a band that is live therefore we could not talk much.

    What is even worse, he began a facebook video that is live movie the band playing (apparently these were playing their favourite Metallica songs) that we thought ended up being pretty rude.

    He additionally checked in during the location, as soon as their buddies stumbled on the place that is same he simply left me personally behind to express hi for them.

    I became therefore lured to simply spend and then leave!

    Needless to express, it absolutely wasn’t an extremely pleasant experience and i did not reply their communications from then on.


    We had been away on a romantic date and I also told him about my brand new rescue dog, that I had only used at that time.

    We told him all about her, such as for example just how she have been mistreated and ended up being nevertheless really skittish.

    In addition told him in the same room, sometimes on the same bed, and it provides us both comfort that she sleeps with me.

    His reaction? He cannot date a lady whom does that, and therefore we should kick your dog out from the room.

    Their defence is the fact that it had been unhygienic.

    I was thinking it had been a really cocky thing to state on an initial date and I had been therefore frustrated.

    That has been a deal-breaker for me personally.

    Never ever talked to him once again.


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