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    Our company is CBD Hemp Oil™

    Our company is CBD Hemp Oil™

    WE SHIP!

    Phone our Lyndon, KY shop at 502.915.8995 to put a purchase. We are able to ship nationwide!

    Three areas in Kentucky, quickly to be four!

    Find us when you look at the Louisville area at one of these brilliant places:

    • Lyndon:
      • 8129 Brand Brand New Lagrange Path
    • Downtown:
      • 655 South 4th Street
    • Highlands (COMING SOON):
      • 1220 Bardstown Path

    Our company is additionally based in Northern Kentucky! Find us when you look at the Florence, KY area:

    Just around the corner to Ohio!

    Find us when you look at the Dayton, OH area quickly!

    Give us a call at 502.915.8995 to put an order, WE SHIP!


    Here at CBD Hemp Oil™, we strive to supply the highest quality CBD oil at unbeatable rates.

    Our hemp is 100% US and Federally Legal . Our CBD oil is CO2 removed and independently tested, lab answers are available!

    we of CBD Specialists are dedicated to providing tailored advice, drop by and consult with some body today!

    Just click here to discover why CBD could be suitable for you!

    Knowledgeable CBD Professionals

    We of CBD Specialists can be found to resolve all your concerns! It is possible to visit our shop or call to speak with one of these.

    That Which We Provide

    Complete Spectrum CBD Items

    • 1,500 mg 1 oz CBD Hemp Oil — $104.95
      • Our product contains 1,500 mg of CBD in 1 oz of natural hemp seed oil.
      • A 1 dropper that is mL 50 mg of CBD.
        • We advice you start with 0.5mL or 25 mg of CBD.
      • One bottle is per month’s supply for somebody using 50 mg on a daily basis!
      • Many will begin with .5 mL (25mg). That produces Get More Information the container final 2 months!
    • 3,000 mg 1 oz CBD Hemp Oil — $169.95
      • Our item contains 3,000 mg of CBD in 1 oz of natural hemp seed oil.
      • A 1 mL dropper contains 100 mg of CBD.
        • This will be a dose that is good worse conditions.
      • One bottle is four weeks’s supply for somebody taking 100 mg a day, and 4 thirty days’s supply for somebody using 25 mg a day!
    • Fetch 500 mg 1 oz CBD Pet Oil — $29.95
      • Ideal for Dogs, Cats, along with other animals!

    1000 mg Soft Gel Capsules

    • 30 capsules with 33.3 mg each — $69.95 plus tax.
    • Well suited for clients already using vitamins that are several medications
    • A 1 supply if taken every day month!


    • 325mg IcyHeat Topical strength Gel — $39.95
      • Perfect for sore muscle tissue and pain that is joint!
      • Ideal for post-workout.
    • 1000 mg Muscle Cream — $69.95
      • Perfect for sore muscle tissue and bones!
      • Ideal for everyday usage.


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